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One of the biggest obstacles for me as an Independent Author is promotion. That’s probably because I’m not a salesperson, I am an author. In reading a bazillion articles across the face of the Internet about how to promote myself as an author, I liked the idea I came across of offering a Free Story. Sort of a try before you buy offer.

You can get a free story here on my website. It’s like you’ve just won the freaking lottery. Congratulations! So maybe it’s not that great. It’s not, but it’s still pretty damn cool.

On the right-hand side of this blog post, there is a red button with the words, Free Story. It is, of course, a clickable button. Click and then you’ll enter a page with a form to add your email and check a box so I know you’re not a demon, web-crawling, robot. Welcome, human.

Immediately, the web server will send you a verification email so you can open it and prove to your email provider and mine that you submitted the form. After you do that, then and only then, the free story can happen. The same email server will immediately send the free story scenes to your email.

I hope that you will enjoy my writing and that you’ll become a supporter. You know, a supporter who buys my books. All of them!

No obligation at all, and you can opt out of the email at any time. WOW, it doesn’t get any better than this. My stories are that good.

Thank you for giving me a chance and please enjoy the free story!

If you read the free story to the end, there’s a surprise — bonus. MORE MORE MORE

Okay, that’s it from me. Just do it already. Signup and stop being such a baby! It’s a free story for crap’s sake! It’s not like I’m forcing you to eat some of Grandma’s black licorice and mayo sandwich.

Free Story

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Working on Starzel

I’m trying to put a blurb together for this novel.

Euler had one responsibility: keep the sacred files safe. 

When he discovers the human file has missing data, he travels to the most dangerous place in the universe. 

Planet Earth.

His responsibility immediately becomes more critical and the consequences are dire. He must rediscover and replace the missing data in the file or all of human existence will be erased from history. Without a history, there is no future, but how much time does he have before it’s too late? 

The odds against him are insurmountable. His mother recently took her own life. He’ll have to deal with the emotions and feelings of loss on a planet where life is a cheap, expendable commodity. He must survive in this place where history shows everyone visiting from his planet before him was executed. Euler’s cyborg implants are outdated, and his software is past due for updates. He can’t take the time for the surgery. But without the latest artificial and organic technology, he’ll have to find another way to succeed. 

In his epic quest for humanity, surrounded by killing and being hunted, he discovers the horrors of feminism, radical conservatism, the illusion of materialism, and the true meaning of life.

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The Dot, Early Reader’s Feedback

The most striking and intriguing part of this story for me was the unique fusion of science and Buddha principle. I found it very engaging and enjoyed how the science and buddha principles were consistent throughout the story. It was a unique point in a futuristic story such as this being that some civilizations in the future came not just to reconcile science with religion but also to make them complement each other.

R. Dawson

Amazing storyline! The storyline was unique and easily engaging after I read the story’s introduction, I became increasingly interested in the story. Although I feel the prologue and introduction need to be tightened up more, They achieved its purpose of capturing my attention and building interest in the story. 

S. Stewart

The conversation style was fluid and very easy to follow. I liked the simple prose of the story; it made the story very easy to read, such that I understood the thoughts and actions of the characters. Although the discussions included the scientific details involved such as quantum fields, vector, scalar, and even vibrational frequency which may be hard for non-science-inclined readers to follow, the overall narrative helped readers to easily grasp what it is about.

K. D. Montoya

Interesting Characters! The story was packed with distinct and well-fleshed-out characters. Each character felt distinct from the others. This is something I find most authors struggle with. For instance, Kelv’s calmness radiates and fits his character. Also, Zosimos is superior but then still has some weaknesses which he built on throughout the story. The characters were vivid and relatable.

T. Howards

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