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My Newest Speculative Fiction NovelThis Could Be It

Unraveling Mysteries, Defying Boundaries: Where Technology and Spirituality Collide, ‘This Could Be It’ Begins.

I’m ecstatic to introduce my latest creation, “This Could Be It,” in a world poised on the brink of cosmic chaos, a man named Casper embarks on a quest to unravel the mysteries of existence. His journey blends ancient mysticism with cutting-edge AI, leading him to confront an enigmatic force. This captivating blend of science fiction and metaphysical exploration will transport you to a thrilling odyssey through futuristic landscapes and mystical dimensions.

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Welcome to ‘This Could Be It,’ a riveting journey blending transcendent mysticism with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Dive into a world where cosmic balance teeters on the brink, threatened by an enigmatic force. Follow Casper’s quest as he navigates the delicate harmony between mystic practices and advanced technology to preserve the Syganoids’ pursuit of Nirvana.

Unravel the mysteries of a dystopian future where the convergence of AI, transcendence, and ethereal realms sparks intrigue and challenges the boundaries of existence. This visionary tale fuses elements of science fiction and metaphysical exploration, offering a thrilling glimpse into a world of technological mysticism and spiritual awakening.

Join the quest for enlightenment, where secrets lie in cosmic balance, harmony, and the struggle against an enigmatic intruder. ‘This Could Be It’ transcends genres, offering a thrilling odyssey through futuristic landscapes and mystical dimensions. Prepare to immerse yourself in a mesmerizing narrative that defies conventions, blurring the lines between technology, spirituality, and the quest for truth.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on this mesmerizing series and invite you to join me in uncovering more secrets as I unveil the intricate tapestry of Planet 44. Welcome aboard, fellow explorers, and prepare to lose yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of the cloud cities that I’ve had the pleasure of envisioning.

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This Could Be It: In this intellectually stimulating and exploratory sci-fi work, we find ourselves in a world balancing on the edge of cosmic chaos. Casper, the protagonist, embarks on a quest that intertwines legendary mysticism and brand-new technology, navigating a future threatened by an ominous force. The narrative seamlessly weaves science fiction with metaphysical exploration, taking readers on an odyssey through futuristic landscapes and mystical dimensions as we explore humanity, spirituality, and core values from intriguing new angles.
K.C. Finn for Readers Favorite — 5 Star Review

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In a world woven with mysticism and sentient AI, “This Could Be It” unfolds an intricate saga. Casper navigates a fragile equilibrium between tradition and innovation, his path intersecting with the conscious supercomputer, Tathagata. As fissures fracture the unity of Casper’s community, Tathagata grapples with its place in the cosmic design, contemplating the essence of Nirvana amidst turmoil.

Diving into the enigmatic Buddha Field, Casper unravels unforeseen consequences, transcending boundaries in a quest for enlightenment. Sacrifice and revelation blur the lines between spirituality and technological advancement. Amidst the unknown and ethereal realms, Tathagata questions the impact of human influence on a pivotal failure, seeking truth in cosmic intricacies.

“This Could Be It” beckons readers into an enthralling exploration where the essence of existence intertwines with the mysteries of consciousness. Join this mesmerizing journey, where the convergence of spirituality and artificial intelligence unveils profound revelations and challenges the fabric of reality itself.

Reviews of my speculative fiction and science fiction novels!

This is a very interesting and engaging read! It isn’t the type of book which I would usually go for, but I’m happy to have had the chance to give it a shot, especially since the presentation is, in my experience, quite unique. It isn’t too lengthy, and I was hooked the whole time because of that, which led to me having a lot of fun with this. I highly recommend this! 5/5!
James B

“For fans of dystopian literature and space opera with a philosophical edge, Starzel is a must-read. It leaves a lasting impression, challenging readers to ponder the complexities of the human experience long after the final page is turned.

American Writers Awards — Speculative Fiction Featured Novels

Reviews of my speculative fiction and science fiction novels!

“…  extremely clever, and much of the book reads like source code itself; this is, in the main, sci-fi in its purest, geekiest form (and I mean that affectionately, with no offense)  Bertrand is a smart, hard-working and intellectual writer.”

Matt McAvoy, MJV Literary Author Services

Reviews of my speculative fiction and new age fiction novels!

“Despite being humanoid but not human, Eulǝr is easy to relate to and someone I ultimately found myself rooting for. The descriptions of his experiences are immersive and extremely well depicted …

“Overall, this is a thought-provoking and thoughtful novel that will likely delight lovers of intelligent visionary fiction.”

Jamie Michele, Readers Choice

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speculative fiction and science fiction novels

Speculative fiction and science fiction novels

The books cover features five floating domed cities in a gaseous planet's atmosphere
book cover for starzel with map of north america depecting six separate countries following the wars
The Dot cover art features four people and a background of a city scape with many highrise buildings.
Cover image for A Conscious Thing features a collage of etherial images
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