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I am Mark Bertrand, a distinguished author and academic with a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and a PhD in Epigenetics. As an award-winning author, I have carved out a niche in speculative fiction, where my works challenge conventional gender roles, political dogma, and explore the realities confronting space exploration. My novels are celebrated for their bold themes, intricate plots, and evocative characters, making significant contributions to edgy speculative literature.

Crafting complex and memorable characters is a passion of mine. From resilient protagonists battling systemic injustices to morally ambiguous anti-heroes navigating treacherous political landscapes, my characters resonate with readers for their depth, authenticity, and emotional intensity. These figures inhabit worlds that are as richly detailed and imaginative as they are grounded in scientific plausibility.

In my new novel SNODGRASS, I stepped away from my usual narrative exploration in speculative fiction to tell my own story. Writing this novel was both an exploration of my troubled coming-of-age years and a cathartic experience. The narrative combines my early years as an adult while serving as a fighter pilot in the US Navy onboard the USS Coral Sea with my thrilling journey of survival and suspense.

In addition to my literary achievements, my academic pursuits in epigenetics provide a unique perspective that enriches my storytelling. The harsh realities of space exploration and the development of new worlds profoundly affect the human psyche and physical character. My background in mathematics and science infuses my speculative fiction with a depth of realism and complexity that captivates readers and critics alike.

After SNODGRASS, I will return to speculative fiction with NEW GENESIS, the third book in my completed five-novel NIRVANAING series. This upcoming novel is set in a near-future Earth where gender wars have caused a deep division with the developing Moon and Mars colonies. Replacing the original second novel in the series, which I consider unsatisfactory, NEW GENESIS will finally bring me peace as I can now rid myself of the earlier version.

My works not only entertain but also inspire critical thinking and dialogue, solidifying my place as a leading voice in speculative fiction. My commitment to pushing the boundaries of genre and societal norms through writing has earned me numerous accolades and a dedicated readership.

Award Winning Author Mark Bertrand

So then, Mark has won the Kindle Science Fiction and Fantasy book for 2023. He is a finalist in the American Writers Awards for New-Age Science Fiction. His books have received five-star reviews from Readers Favorite and American Writer Awards, Indy Authors Group, and many blogger and vlogger book review sites. Most awarded author Mark Bertrand and his literary sci-fi novels.

You can visit Mark Bertrand online at his website,, and on Twitter @markbertrand.

Biography for the author Mark Bertrand
Mark Bertrand Ph.D.

Author Mark Bertrand

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Biography of the author Mark Bertrand