Biography for a now happy killer awarded and # one winning author Mark Bertrand

Mark Bertrand is an acclaimed author known for his compelling works of science fiction. Mixing in metaphysical exploration in all his novels. Works including: “This Could Be It”, “The Dot,” “Starzel,” “Love Reincarnate,” and “A Conscious Thing.” Biography of the author Mark Bertrand follows.

With a background in aerospace, neuroscience, and mathematics, Mark brings a unique blend of scientific knowledge. He adds philosophical insight to his writing. His experience and understanding of Buddhist principles and Zen teachings infuse his storytelling with a thought-provoking and introspective quality.

As a seasoned traveler and seeker of knowledge, Mark draws inspiration from diverse cultures. Each experience enriches his narratives with a global perspective. Then, when he’s not crafting captivating stories, Mark can be found enjoying the serene landscapes of southern Spain, reflecting on life’s mysteries.

Biography of the author Mark Bertrand

With his unconventional thinking and ability to challenge conventional norms, Mark’s writing captivates readers, offering a fresh and immersive reading experience. He maintains open lines of communication with his readers and critics, fostering a strong commitment to his craft and staying at the forefront of his field.

Engage in his literary journey by visiting his website or social media platforms and discover a world of boundless imagination and philosophical exploration in Mark Bertrand’s evocative works.

Award Winning Author Mark Bertrand

So then, Mark has won the Kindle Science Fiction and Fantasy book for 2023. He is a finalist in the American Writers Awards for New-Age Science Fiction. His books have received five-star reviews from Readers Favorite and American Writer Awards, Indy Authors Group, and many blogger and vlogger book review sites. Most awarded author Mark Bertrand and his literary sci-fi novels.

You can visit Mark Bertrand online at his website,, and on Twitter @markbertrand.

Biography for the author Mark Bertrand
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Author Mark Bertrand

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Biography of the author Mark Bertrand