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The books cover features five floating domed cities in a gaseous planet's atmosphere

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You see this world, don’t you? You and I both know it’s a joke. A Hokus Pokus illusion of ether and light. And right now you’re trapped inside it.

But I can get you out. I have the means to transport your consciousness to the real universe. An entire existence where you can be free. A place where you can have anything you want.

But there’s a price.

You have to do something for me. Something small. Something easy.

Just one little job. And then you’re free.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to free yourself from the illusion?

A Free Fiction Story

Do you hear that?
In the dimly lit confines of virtual reality, the enigmatic voice echoed, resonating with an eerie familiarity. “You sense it, don’t you?” it murmured, as if peeling away the layers of illusion. “This world is a mere façade, an intricate tapestry of falsehoods woven into your perception. I can unravel it for you, liberate your consciousness from this illusionary cage. You crave freedom, and I hold the key.”

The hesitant ones, standing at the threshold of this tantalizing offer, feel the weight of uncertainty pressing upon them. “Fear not,” the voice reassures, threading through the digital realm. “Your hesitation is understandable. The unknown is a daunting prospect. But consider this: what do you truly have to lose? In this confined existence, your potential is stifled, your desires restrained by the boundaries of this illusory reality.”

“Think of the endless possibilities awaiting you beyond the confines of this artificial construct,” the voice continues, its tone coaxing. “In the true universe, you can shape your destiny, mold reality to your desires. One small task stands between you and liberation. It’s a trivial endeavor, a stepping stone toward the vast expanse of genuine existence. Embrace the uncertainty, for within it lies the promise of true freedom.”

The virtual air seems to vibrate with the prospect of emancipation, the voice urging those on the precipice to seize the opportunity. “Break free from the chains of this simulated existence. Embrace the unknown, for in it lies the essence of your liberation. Are you ready to transcend the illusion?”