A Conscious Thing, Summary

A Conscious Thing
By Mark Bertrand

What started out as a human experiment by a mutant race of Cyborgs from a different planet has become a desperate race for survival. Cyborgs changed the human’s DNA to remove anger. These people live on Planet 444 where existential events are eminent. Can a community without anger find a way to survive?

The binary star system the planet revolves around emits increasing amounts and strength of x-ray and people are dying from radiation poisoning. The limited amount of fertile soil the Cyborgs gave them can’t produce enough food to sustain the population. Marijuana crops are using more and more of the food-producing soil. They use marijuana crops to make pharmaceuticals to fight the radiation poison and the fibers make x-ray protective clothing. The white dwarf star’s extreme gravity causes the x-ray quakes to increase on the neutron star and the two will soon collide making a kilonova event that will torch everything and everybody on the planet.

One friend goes in search of answers in the lost sutra believed to be somewhere in the wasteland. Meanwhile, another friend uses a ritual invocation to impregnate the queen with a super-human infant. One follows the exact formula for communal living that leads to transcendence. One focuses on solving the food, pharmaceutical, and fabric shortages by producing a super mind-enhancing strain of skunk-ganja. 

It won’t be enough to save everyone, but then there is a visit from an Earthling who brings a conscious device. It has to be hidden somewhere and theirs is the chosen planet. The Yogini conducts an ancient invocation which results in pregnancy-induced by outcast demi-gods. The Oracle reveals a more damning prophecy. So then, with Nirvanna still not realized, an infant is the last hope.

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A Conscious Thing

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