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There are a lot of reasons why writers should connect and I am open to networking and advertising with you. Together we can better compete through joint promotions to gain an advantage over large publishers and distributors with their huge advertising budgets. I hope you’ll agree with me. If you do, let’s discuss the many ways we authors can group together to find more readers who are interested in our novels.

Here is a list of the ways I think we can work together in cooperative efforts.

  1. The key is reciprocity. I’ll share your promotional material, adverts, book promotions, etcetera, with my albeit small but growing followers. This doesn’t require any fancy advertising strategies, amazing publicity stunts, wicked sophisticated psychological profiling software or automation. Just a dose of ol’fashioned network building and working together.
  2. Joint contests
  3. Joint promotions (book sales, bundles, box-sets, anthologies …)
  4. Cross promotions (same as above but we do it one by one.)
  5. GiveawayFrenzy
  6. Find authors to work with us on BookFunnel

My Twitter following is just short of 400 and my Facebook Authors page is growing in fans quickly. I have a mailing list with more than 200 readers, and my list magnets are always increasing. Working with other authors, such as you, we can easily increase our reach by three hundred, four hundred, five hundred percent, and more. Contact me through Twitter and let’s do this!

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