Love Reincarnate

Love Reincarnate

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This book is unavailable right now while I rewrite the story.

Humanoids hold several thousand years of experience in augmenting human capabilities with bio-hardware. Then they developed DNA altering serum to eliminate anger from the human helix. Step back and duck for this one. They talked 44 people into trying the serum. Then the Cyborgs put those 44 on a spaceship and sent them to a planet, as an experiment. You know, to see if they would succeed, if they could survive.

They set the planet up with limited technology. The 44 will be farmers living similar to the 1930s. Except there’s no petrol. They have fusion power and self-driving carts. Who set up the planet? I’ll give you three guesses. And by the way, those 44 people were all experts. Like the foremost scientists in physics, botany, pharmaceutical, medical science, mathematics, and such. You see? Yeah!

In this second of the four-book series, the ninth generation is taking over, and the chosen are about to be married. But time is running out, the planet can’t supply enough food, the binary star system is ruining human health, and the reward for living free from anger has not been delivered.