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Mark Bertrand is the author of Starzel, Love Reincarnate, and a Conscious Thing. He is a Fictionary Master Class graduate and the founder of the Costa Del Sol Authors group. A writer by day and a stock market trader by night, he received a bachelor of science in aeronautical engineering and his master of mathematics from Boston University. To balance his left brain with his right, his MBA is from the University of California at San Diego. Finally, to quench his desire for knowledge, his Ph. D. in philosophy was completed at the University of Southern California. 

Mark has been a Buddhist for more than forty years and is considered Mahayana and has also studied both Alan Watts’ and Tich Naht Hahn’s writings on Zen. He managed a small abbey in San Diego, California for ten years. Currently, he is a member of the Sangha at the Enlightenment Stupa of Benalmádena, Spain.

Mark is a Colorado native and currently lives in the south of Spain. When he’s not writing, he loves to travel or just relax on the terrace of his flat with a cigar and a glass of Laphroaig whiskey, watching sailboats on the Mediterranean Sea. 

Mark challenges conventional thinking in his writing and personal life, as sampled in two of his favorite sayings. “Liberation has no end; therefore, it could never begin.” and, “There are just two types of people: those who believe there are just two types of people, and those who know better.”

You can visit Mark online at his website,, and on Twitter @markbertrand

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