A Gripping Sci-Fi Adventure in War-torn Dystopian Worlds – An Alternative History Fantasy Novel Rife with Secrets, Self-Discovery, and Futuristic Science Fiction

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book cover for starzel with map of north america depecting six separate countries following the wars

In the sprawling expanse of the cosmos, Eulǝr a Syganoid holds a mundane but nevertheless sacred duty: safeguarding the Universe Code for Humanity. 

His world spirals into turmoil when a tear in the fabric of existence reveals missing data from the human file. Now, armed with determination and driven by impending doom, he undertakes a dangerous journey. His destination? The most perilous realm of all: Planet Earth.

His destination? The most perilous realm of all: Planet Earth.

In a world where alliances are forged and ideologies clash, Eulǝr must navigate a treacherous landscape, stripped of his advanced biomechanics and facing existential threats. His once-mundane task transforms into a race against time, where the stakes are nothing short of the annihilation of humanity itself. 

Can he restore the missing data and salvage the very essence of human existence before it’s too late?

“Starzel” weaves an enthralling tapestry of near-future science fiction, taking you through war-ravaged North American territories and a clash of ideologies that reshapes the course of history. 

Set against a backdrop of a gas planet’s floating domed cities, Mark Bertrand’s “Starzel” beckons to readers of speculative fiction and alternative history, reminiscent of the works of Philip K. Dick. This gripping fantasy book saga plumbs into uncharted territories, exploring the horrors of extremism and materialism while uncovering the profound meaning of human life. 

With a narrative that propels you through uncertainty, “Starzel” is an invitation to voyage into the unknown, where every decision shapes the destiny of not just one man, but the entire universe. The storyline threads around visionary fiction, intricately intertwining themes of political manipulation, feminism, the psychological impact of mass media, post-apocalyptic survival, and enigmatic secret societies subtly shaping the waking world, their influence is hidden from all but the most astute observers.

“…  extremely clever, and much of the book reads like source code itself; this is, in the main, sci-fi in its purest, geekiest form (and I mean that affectionately, with no offense)  Bertrand is a smart, hard-working and intellectual writer.”

Matt McAvoy, MJV Literary Author Services

“Despite being humanoid but not human, Eulǝr is easy to relate to and someone I ultimately found myself rooting for. The descriptions of his experiences are immersive and extremely well depicted …

“Overall, this is a thought-provoking and thoughtful novel that will likely delight lovers of intelligent visionary fiction.”

Jamie Michele, Readers Choice