Two Truths & a Lie

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A) I managed an abbey for 12 years.

B) My dog’s name is Eggbeater.

C) I have visited fifty of the fifty-two states of the U.S.A.

Can you guess which of the above is the lie?


A) This one is true. As part of my dedication to the Buddhist monks who spent countless hours and years instructing and guiding me on my path, I volunteered to manage the abbey in San Diego for six years. After moving to Arizona, the foundation purchased a home in downtown Phoenix where I volunteered for six more years as the manager. Through these years I had the opportunity to meet monks from around the world. While helping them on their travels to the United States, I would frequently be called upon for chauffeuring them and for arranging their meetings with dignitaries, patrons, and donors. Between the day-to-day upkeep of the building, managing budgets, arranging events, holding retreats, meeting with state and local charitable foundations, and answering calls night and day from people needing help, advice, or searching for answers to a spiritual quest, there was never enough time to do everything. But, with the help of dozens of volunteers, we always seemed to get through it with joy. The experience managing the abbeys and over forty years as a practitioner of Buddhism has blessed me in ways words cannot express.

B) This one is a lie. First off, I don’t currently have a dog, but if I did, the dog’s name would be eggbeater. Why? You might ask. My first dog’s name was Aria. The second one’s name was Bosco. Then, the third dog was called Cooper. Are you seeing a pattern here? A, B, C, each of the names started with the letter of the alphabet corresponding to the number of pets I had. Finally, my fourth dog, dog D, was called Darla. I often called her Darla Dee or just D-Dog. If the day comes, and I do add another dog to my family, (dog E) I would give it the name Eggbeater.

C) Traveling the world is a favorite pastime for me. If I couldn’t get out of the U.S. I would travel to as many states as I could. Additionally, I’ve lived in Colorado, Washington, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, and California. Montana and Maine are the only two states that I have yet to visit. Perhaps, I’ll get there before I leave.

An additional mention about enriching experiences in my life; I was in the Navy from 1982 to 1988. I was attached to the Wildcats, VFA-131 in the final two years of this fascinating journey. I was on three different aircraft carriers including the Coral Sea, the Enterprise, and the USS America.