A Conscious Thing Sci-Fi Thriller Survival in a Futuristic World

In a distant binary star system on a planet colonized as an experiment, a group of four friends led by Maha embarks on a desperate quest for survival.  A Conscious Thing: Sci-Fi Thriller Survival in a Futuristic World.
The third book of the Nirvanaing series.

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A Conscious Thing: Sci-Fi Thriller Survival in a Futuristic World book cover

Radiation poisoning, starvation, and the impending devastation caused by a pulsar emitting X-rays haunt their peaceful society of Buddhists and Daoists. As their civilization teeters on the brink of collapse, Maha and his friends face a challenging decision: embrace an ancient forbidden path that holds the key to survival or succumb to the impending doom.

A Race Against Existence…

Moreover, Maha must harness ancient practices that awaken both good and evil forces to save their society from a tortured life. As the once harmonious world of humans and humanoids splinters into factions, Maha and his friends find themselves caught in the crossfire of blame and desperation. Determined to find a path forward, they venture on a daring journey that takes them far off the planetary trade routes, where they encounter mysterious legends of Earth and the promise of a better future.

Alien Technology and Prophecies!

In addition, A Conscious Thing takes readers on a thrilling ride through post-apocalyptic fiction infused with advanced A.I. artificial intelligence. The fantasy book weaves elements of mystery, thriller, and suspense, making it a perfect read for young adults, science fiction enthusiasts, and fans of psychological thrillers.

Hard Science Fiction and Metaphysical Spirituality

Set against the backdrop of a pulsar-emitting X-rays, this captivating Sci-Fi Thriller Survival in a Futuristic World book delves into alternate history and explores the metaphysical aspect of spirituality in a world filled with cyborgs, AI, and visionary fiction. The gripping narrative unfolds in a space opera, where survival hinges on embracing the unknown and transcending the limitations of the past.

A Treat for All Sci-Fi Thrill Seekers

As the pages turn and the characters’ destinies intertwine, A Conscious Thing not only showcases a top technothriller filled with cyborgs, space exploration, and dystopian challenges but also encourages readers to ponder the essence of human existence, spirituality, and the boundless possibilities of the future. Mark Bertrand’s writing quality shines through his thought-provoking storytelling, challenging conventional thinking with every page.

Perfect Beach Read and Gift for Book Lovers

With its enthralling blend of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery, A Conscious Thing is an ideal beach read for men and women alike. Whether you seek a gripping tale of survival or a contemplative journey into the depths of consciousness, this book has something for everyone.

If you’re searching for a gift that will transport your loved ones to a Sci-Fi Thriller Survival in a Futuristic World of awe-inspiring wonder, look no further. A Conscious Thing is a captivating book that will leave readers on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning pages to unlock the secrets of survival, spirituality, and the power of the human mind.

Join Maha and his friends as they navigate a world of alien invasions, future wars, and metaphysical exploration in a desperate quest for survival. Mark Bertrand’s A Conscious Thing is a visionary masterpiece that will challenge your perceptions, inspire your soul, and leave you yearning for more. 

Sci-Fi Thriller Survival in a Futuristic World

Grab your copy and embark on a thrilling journey beyond imagination!

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