People are abandoning their Earthly gods for a chance at a better way of life and prosperity in other worlds. Many philosophers think Buddhism’s Nirvana will be the sole divine promise realized throughout the universe. 

Three previous Kings on Planet 444 have prepared the contemporary civilization to transcend. In book 3 of the series, the fourth King, Maha, has started implementing regulations for the ultimate effort. However, dark matter possesses its own methods.

In this four-book series, Cyborgs are experimenting with human DNA and biomechanical implants. Unfortunately, the planet used for the experiment isn’t healthy for long-term survival. The faithful Buddhists can’t find the needed sutras, and they have discovered no clues of the Buddha’s presence here. Or are they searching for awareness in the wrong places? 

Canibus plants offer miraculous developments in fabrics and pharmaceuticals that are helping to make life better. But then, Cyborgs hide their conscious-supercomputer there, the spiritual leader leaves, Maha doubts himself, the Yogini calls out the universe, and only the Oracle sees all.