Removed this opening for the second part of the Aware Consciousness trilogy story.

Hello, my name is Merliana, and I want to take a few minutes to remind you what we discovered in part one and where we left off. Then you should be ready to dig into part two, A Conscious Thing. First, if you allow me the pleasure, I want to tell you a little about me. I am the chief judge of our King’s Royal Court on Planet 444. My clan’s first mother was a theoretical physicist when the Cyborgs recruited her for this human civilization experiment. Seven generations later, my father is also a theoretical physicist, and I, like them, followed the same path. 

The role of a theoretical physicist is to design experiments that prove a scientific theory. If the experiment’s hypothesis proves true, science wins, and proofing the knowledge can begin. So the King invited me to be his Chief Judge for my expertise in designing scientific experiments. I guess it made sense because I accepted. 

Anyway, the tribal folklore that began during the four-hundred-year journey to our planet foretells it would not be until our eighth generation before our civilization can Nirvana. Then the Cyborg’s experiment will be a success. The journey began when the exiled Cyborgs inhabiting Planet 44 of the Milky Way developed a DNA altering serum. Human DNA was altered after a third injection of the new serum. Unlike mRNA serums, this new strain changes a person’s genes. Their genetic codes became rewritten. Anger was removed, and within three to four (at most) generations, the children would be born with no ability to feel, or experience, anger, or become angry. 

The theory was that a person born free of anger would reach Nirvana, obtain heaven, evolve to god state, etcetera. To prove the hypothesis, they injected forty-four people. After the third vaccine, the forty-four would take a starship and relocate to a new planet, Planet 444. There they were to develop a civilization following a prescribed way of life and focus their energy on The First Priority—Nirvana freedom from Samsara.

It was the fourth generation to be the first to grow up on Planet 444. They learned about the way of civilization, and they listened to the secrets about the fable. As I said, it tells about my generation. The eighth-generation (my generation) believes the ones who will lead us to the First Priority are the lovebirds”: Mahá and Visákhá, Valena and Kelv. Plus a handful of others, including myself. Mahá, and Visákhá are the main characters in part one of the stories.

The two couldn’t get along from the beginning of her going to live with Mahá and his mother and father. He couldn’t stand her and she — him. But, after a few years of living together as a family, they began to appreciate one another. Then they developed friendships. Love blossomed at the wedding. And just as the story was about to end in love with our heroes, happy and optimistic about the future, the Oracle tore open the flowery tapestry and exposed the real universe behind it.

A place where life keeps coming at you like an asteroid caught in a gravitational pull keeps coming until it collides and kills you. So despite the daily traps and weight of a countless myriad of emotions and experiences, wearing us down and wearing us out, that steady streaming comet keeps coming. 

As we move forward with part two, most of us still feel like it’s all going to be okay. Perhaps, at least that is, the victory will come in the end after ripping it from the starving beast’s razor-sharp teeth. Unfortunately, however, some of us refuse to see the beasts and their teeth. 

Okay, that should have you caught up and ready to move into the book. I’ll talk with you again in Chapter three.

a conscious thing book cover
A Conscious Thing