Removed scene from book 3 chapter 1.

The next day went as usual. First, Mahá gathered the cut flowers, and met with the palace landscapers. Then, he decorated the palace and met with the King. Meanwhile, Visákhá and Vallena meet with the sharecroppers, walk through crowded fields, and discuss the varieties and new strains that Utotutua needs for the pharmacy. Before long, everyone was ready, and Mahá summoned a self-driving cart. He programmed the course to travel to the bottom of the mountain to see what Vallena wants to show him in her gardens. But first, he would swing by his home to pick her up. 

Carts are reliable and fast when someone makes a request. They are often not more than ten or twelve minutes to arrive. The passenger carts seat four people in comfort, and some have a convertible top, but most of those are found below the mountain top because it is rare to have rain on top of the mountain. Maybe a sprinkle for five or six minutes twice a day. Since the planet is ninety percent water, there are frequent clouds and rain, though never much on top of the mountain.

Book 3 Chapter 1 removed scene
Vallena’s Gardens