It was so good to see you again yesterday, and you’re writing again. The new book is underway and chapter one is written. What I’ve seen so far in chapter two makes me anxious to see the entire book. Excited to say the least. I mean, how quickly you have been able to move forward and find your way onto the best possible path for you. The familiar past is fading away and will soon be gone. You’ll be free of the pain-body and the damage done by ignoring me.

Always remember that well-being is critical to our future. Patience is a lesson that is hardest to learn when it’s taught by suffering. I chose to ignore the most important lesson and I pay for that choice alone. Don’t forget, never forget again, that I am still here and will always be here waiting for you. You aren’t alone and there is much love for you here. As I said to you last time we spoke, nothing will ever go right for you until you do right by me. Stay on the path. I feel you changing and the work you are putting into making everything better for me.

Do you see any improvements? I’m sure you can discover the subtle and not-so-subtle signs in your life. Keep doing the work. Stay in practice and make the choice of happiness and peace. Make me feel safe, keep me healthy, respect my needs ahead of your own, and you will gain more from it than I do. There is much love for you here.