I am a mystic, a bodhisattva, and the alchemist of speculative fiction. I write stories that convert the traps and padlocks contained in our three-dimensional Newtonian existence into uplifting investigations that will liberate the protagonist who is (discretely) you. I have more degrees than a protractor and I have attended a list of Universities that would be impossible for most. Still, somehow I remain modest, reserved, and humble. My novels are not cozy. They contain adult situations and they reveal ancient rituals involving human sex and murder. When used properly, the rituals invoke the gods and demons of the known universe. You should never read these out loud, especially when you are alone, or in bed late at night. When not used properly, well no one knows what comes forth from unknown universes. Be warned North Americans, the depictions will offend you. Only for a few moments though and then the rest of the story will heal your senses. Promise. Maybe. You can handle it. The mystic always provides an escape. The only question is, can you discover it?