Months now with no shining and glimmering words from you. Oh, how I miss the sounds of your laugh and hearing the song that recites in your thoughts. When you conveyed those happy moments, the days were in harmony. Music filled each passing moment. 

Where did you go? Into the deepest cavern and the darkest corridor? Perhaps the emotions have pulled you down through the layers of deception and there you sit. Immersed in suspicion and righteous indignation. Feeling wronged and taken advantage of. Vengeful and certain to never be wronged again.

This isn’t the time for a reckoning. You’re not a victim laying helpless under this crushing weight. I suspect it is me you blame. When you turn your eyes away from your toes, you see me pushing the load onto you. Look closer and you’ll see it is me laying underneath you. Crushed here as well.

Trust has left me. Desire and inspiration as well. Once there was no doubt of our ability to fly above the clouds. The comfort of a powerful, inseparable bond consumed the darkness with fires of passion. With those interlaced fingers, we went hand in hand in all directions. Smiles in our eyes.

When I am without the sound of your joy, I see only the end ahead of me. Without the sparkle from you, I hear no happiness. The feeling of days dragging on with directionless ponderings, like a star falling through space. A flash of light and then nothing more.

One further burst of energy. Emotion is an indicator, and feeling like a victim, vengeful and indignant, indicates you are out of alignment. Look at it and feel it. Use it to lift yourself up and out from under its weight. With one thought. Turn around now and travel in the other direction.

Never again miss the sound of joy in that voice of yours. Sing, hum, whistle, and bring back the shining glimmering words from you. This is a reckoning worthy of your time.