In the depths of a forgotten planet, Ziran, a dying colony teeters on the edge of oblivion.

Radiation poisoning ravages their bodies, while society crumbles beneath the weight of despair. In their darkest hour, they turn to an ancient ritual, birthing a child with otherworldly powers.

Zosimos, the chosen one, grows at an unnatural pace, his mind ablaze with extraordinary abilities. But an encounter with a mysterious plant unleashes a tempest of anger within him, and instead of becoming a savior, he transforms into something they never expected.

Amidst the chaos, a glimmer of hope emerges. Vallena, with her life-saving discovery, and Kelv, a sage bound to the path of nonviolence, become the last chance to salvage a future from the ashes. 

Can they unlock the secrets to healing the poisoned land and quell Zosimos’s wrath before it consumes them all?

Will the colony find salvation, or will they succumb to the haunting forces that threaten their very existence?

Find out more in “The Dot” – a page turning work of futuristic science fiction rife with mystery, fantasy adventure, alien technology, bio-enhanced humanoid races, and profound philosophical underpinnings that will linger in your thoughts well beyond the final page.

“The Dot” is an enigmatic tale of survival, power, and the fragile threads that hold humanity together. 

Mark Bertrand, in this dystopian novel, weaves a mesmerizing narrative, where darkness and redemption collide in a race against time. As you delve into the pages of this gripping and thought-provoking work of post-apocalyptic fiction, be prepared to encounter a myriad of captivating elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

But this thriller book offers more than just pulse-pounding action and intricate world-building. 

Prepare to explore existential questions and contemplate the nature of humanity as you navigate the intricacies of the narrative! Within this top technothriller, immerse yourself in a world where the line between A.I. artificial intelligence and humanity blurs, where ancient mysteries intertwine with modern advancements, and where the power of imagination knows no bounds. 

A captivating addition to the library of science fiction enthusiasts, geeks, and those who crave visionary literature

This enthralling mystery book combines space opera, advanced technology, alternate history, future wars, and metaphysical spirituality, making it a perfect gift for readers who enjoy immersive imaginative worlds. 

With its seamless integration of alien invasions, humanoids, and thought-provoking theology, this stellar piece of hard science fiction offers a unique reading experience that satisfies both die-hard sci-fi fans and those seeking compelling narratives. 

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Draft: The Dot Blurb

The planet (Planet 444, a.k.a. Ziran) was terraformed eight hundred years ago by a race of cyborgs as a human colony experiment. The planet is today unable to produce food and the inhabitants are starving and sick from various radiation diseases. They believe it is the two suns that poison the food and causes the disease. The main character, King Zosimoss, encounters aliens through his supernatural mind. Through him, the alien discovers and takes over the colony’s supercomputer. There are four main characters who must work together but are at odds on how to save the colony. The alien becomes their only hope to escape the planet and find a new home. Two of the four create a chemical that, when consumed, allows others to hear the voice of the alien. The other two are leaders of a heavily divided population.

First Take: The Dot Blurb

Two sons on two planets discover themselves and their fathers’ legacies while confronting a planetary existential crisis of famine, radiation poisoning, and the collapse of society.

Eight generations after the Cyborgs sought to eradicate anger with their DNA-altering serum, the planet Ziran and its colony face extinction. The inhabitants are dying, their bodies and life-sustaining crops stricken by radiation poisoning. In a desperate grasp for survival, they turn to an ancient ritual, creating a child who is more god than human. 

The future of the settlement now lies in the hands of Zosimos, who matures at an inhuman rate and displays exceptional mental abilities. But when he’s exposed to a plant that reverses the side effects of the Cyborg’s serum, Zosimos experiences anger for the first time and realizes his power far exceeds those around him. Zosimos succumbs to a murderous rage that leads him to enforce a tyrannical rule upon the people of Ziran. 

The planet’s salvation resides in the hands of a girl named Vallena, and a sage, Kelv, who has sworn himself to a violence-free existence. Kelv’s DNA may hold the key to curing the radiation poisoning, and with Vallena’s discovery of a cure for Zosimos’s rage comes a seed of hope. Will Kelv’s lessons, Zosimos’s new morality, and the secret hidden by Zosimos’s father be enough to alter the dark forecast for Ziran’s people? Or will a force they never bargained for mean the end of everything they created on their peaceful planet?