The most striking and intriguing part of this story for me was the unique fusion of science and Buddha principle. I found it very engaging and enjoyed how the science and buddha principles were consistent throughout the story. It was a unique point in a futuristic story such as this being that some civilizations in the future came not just to reconcile science with religion but also to make them complement each other.

R. Dawson

Amazing storyline! The storyline was unique and easily engaging after I read the story’s introduction, I became increasingly interested in the story. Although I feel the prologue and introduction need to be tightened up more, They achieved its purpose of capturing my attention and building interest in the story. 

S. Stewart

The conversation style was fluid and very easy to follow. I liked the simple prose of the story; it made the story very easy to read, such that I understood the thoughts and actions of the characters. Although the discussions included the scientific details involved such as quantum fields, vector, scalar, and even vibrational frequency which may be hard for non-science-inclined readers to follow, the overall narrative helped readers to easily grasp what it is about.

K. D. Montoya

Interesting Characters! The story was packed with distinct and well-fleshed-out characters. Each character felt distinct from the others. This is something I find most authors struggle with. For instance, Kelv’s calmness radiates and fits his character. Also, Zosimos is superior but then still has some weaknesses which he built on throughout the story. The characters were vivid and relatable.

T. Howards