I’m trying to put a blurb together for this novel.

Euler had one responsibility: keep the sacred files safe. 

When he discovers the human file has missing data, he travels to the most dangerous place in the universe. 

Planet Earth.

His responsibility immediately becomes more critical and the consequences are dire. He must rediscover and replace the missing data in the file or all of human existence will be erased from history. Without a history, there is no future, but how much time does he have before it’s too late? 

The odds against him are insurmountable. His mother recently took her own life. He’ll have to deal with the emotions and feelings of loss on a planet where life is a cheap, expendable commodity. He must survive in this place where history shows everyone visiting from his planet before him was executed. Euler’s cyborg implants are outdated, and his software is past due for updates. He can’t take the time for the surgery. But without the latest artificial and organic technology, he’ll have to find another way to succeed. 

In his epic quest for humanity, surrounded by killing and being hunted, he discovers the horrors of feminism, radical conservatism, the illusion of materialism, and the true meaning of life.