book cover for starzel with map of north america depecting six separate countries following the wars

In a distant future, on Planet 44, a gas planet with five interconnected floating domed cities, resides Eulǝr, a Syganoid. The Syganoids are a race of biomechanically enhanced humanoids with 16 senses and highly advanced mental and physical abilities. As the protector of the Universe Code for Humanity, Eulǝr’s role is vital, but he feels unappreciated by his parents and peers, yearning for more recognition and challenges.

One fateful day, Eulǝr discovers a tear in the Universe and critical data missing from the Universe Code. This revelation reveals a dire truth – the tear will deplete morality, increase suffering, and eventually erase humanity from the Universe. Determined to avert this catastrophe, Eulǝr embarks on a perilous journey to Planet Earth, a dystopian realm ravaged by civil wars and brainwashing viruses.

To aid him on this dangerous mission, Eulǝr is accompanied by a mysterious woman in black, a boundrian creator who can create harmonic balance and wormholes, hired by Eulǝr’s friend, Casper. Together, they traverse the treacherous landscape of Planet Earth, where humanoids are executed on sight.

As Eulǝr delves deeper into the chaotic and dangerous world of Earth, he faces constant interference from the Starzel society. Their laws, feminism, and MGTOW movements. However, the true threat lies in the manipulative hands of the Aryans. They are wealthy, power-hungry Republicans who control the brainwashing viruses plaguing humanity.

The Aryan Threat

The Aryans use intricate schemes, involving chemicals, televised broadcasts, and radio transmissions, to brainwash the masses and further their own agendas. They delight in the misery of the populace, feeding off their suffering to maintain their grip on power and wealth.

Throughout his journey, Eulǝr uncovers the extent of the Aryans’ control and the devastating consequences of their actions. The brainwashing viruses have led to a dystopian Earth, with the white supremacy Republicans known as the Aryans exerting their dominance over society.

Despite the constant danger and threats posed by the Aryans, Eulǝr remains steadfast in his mission to heal the rift in the Universe and uncover the missing data. Along the way, he forms an unlikely alliance with Maya Stevens, an award-winning journalist and political influencer from The Great Starzel Republic. Maya’s investigative skills and connections become invaluable in exposing the truth and combating the Aryans’ hold on humanity.

As Eulǝr and Maya forge ahead, they face numerous challenges and adversaries. All the while navigating the intricate web of political intrigue and manipulation set in motion by the Aryans. With the help of a humanoid bioengineer from the Seven Sisters Space Portal, the guidance of the Abbot and Tathagata. They devise a daring plan to disrupt the Aryans’ control and restore morality and harmony to the Universe.

In a climactic showdown, Eulǝr and Maya unleash a worm-virus into the media software, causing the Aryans’ brainwashing schemes to crumble. As the rift in the Universe begins to heal, Eulǝr finally finds the missing data. However, the complete restoration of harmony in the Universe depends on the actions of his yet unborn grandson. A legacy that will be shaped by Eulǝr’s newfound wisdom and experiences.

Starzel A Synopsis of a Sci-fi Novel

“Starzel” delves into themes of epigenetics, self-discovery, and the potential for humanity to rise above suffering. The story illuminates the dangers of unchecked power and the consequences of brainwashing orchestrated by politicians, religions, and capitalism. As Eulǝr confronts the challenges of alternative history, the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. Only through unity, understanding, and compassion can they hope for a brighter future. The journey of Eulǝr on Planet 44 and his encounter with the Tathagata shape the destiny of the Universe itself. Starzel is a compelling tale of speculative fiction, alternative history, and science fiction.

book cover for starzel with map of north america depecting six separate countries following the wars

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