Even if you don’t drink whiskey, these videos are a source of entertainment. Hosted by Daniel and Rex, each video features a deep dive (well sometimes) into a bottled whiskey (or several bottles) along with many shenanigans. Sure, you could take it all seriously, but why do that when you can explore every nuance of the brand, bottler, source, distillery, grains, smells, tastes, and yes, there’s more, while at the same time laughing? That was a long sentence. Sorry.

Watching these videos, you can learn more than whiskey facts and lore. You might also note they’ve added a splash of edgy marketing techniques. How could you take a single product, whiskey, and make a daily video without becoming boring, over-repetitive, and coma-inducing yawners? Daniel and Rex have a style that adds much more to the whiskey. From the start, they gear up their energy with masculine banter and fictional posturing. Add a dash of meet the employees, a twist of touring their distillery, a mix of practical jokes, and pours of weird challenges, and the videos become tasty. Well, sticky. Uh, tasty sticky treats?

Crowded Barrel, Whiskey Tribe, Whiskey Vault, are just a few of the many business creative ideas they’ve crafted. My personal favorite is the Whiskey Vault, where I can find a daily video and the Rare Whiskey Friday episodes. Often raw, seemingly unrehearsed, and still fresh. If they are tired, if it’s been a brutal week in the distillery, when they’re short-staffed or dealing with problematic suppliers, typical problems all businesses face; the videos go forward. 

I dare you to watch a few videos and not subscribe to the channel.