Tight-lipped and controlled. She’s a seasoned politician, and professional at wording her answers to convey the answer indirectly and camouflaged. The interview went by at a brisk pace and without surprise. Shavarah clearly desires to play a larger part in the story and she probably deserves her own story at some point.

  1. Who is your favorite band?

    Thank you for taking a few minutes to let the readers know — Something — about me. It’s nice to be something more than a one-sentence response to a question. Not that I’m complaining. Being part of the cast in the book is a great honor. What was the question again? Oh yes, my favorite band. The Renaissance period and Handel would be my choice of composer.
  2. What’s your name?

    I’m Shavarah and from the third family. We have taken charge with upholding the vow we shall abstain from stealing here. The laws from the lord buddha are the purest and only laws that ensure humanity will liberate. Liberation is the ultimate mental state.
  3. How old are you?

    I’ve had this conversation with Drrea and Danhip once. It was following the town hall meeting I held in their community. They took a lot of time explaining how gravity and distance from the center of mass play a role in the speed of light. I am a fair mathematician, but those space-time quantum theories are confusing for almost everyone. The best I can tell is I’m forty-one Earth years old. Sorry for giving such long responses to the questions. It’s just that I don’t get a lot of opportunities to be written about or read. 
  4. Are you gender-specific?

    Yes. On Planet 444 there are both men and women. As you can see, I am a big-breasted woman with a round ass and wide hips. So, of course, when you combine those desirable curves with short legs, and you have a plump woman.
  5. Are you related to anyone in the story?

    No? I mean, I’m not sure if there’s a man in my life or not. Probably a few kids, but none of us know anything much about me other than…. Oh wait, I can’t say because of my contract. It forbids me from giving away the story. You know, my one-sentence story. Please don’t take this as sarcasm. I genuinely love being a character in this book.
  6. Where does your accent come from?

    I don’t have an accent. Most people sound like we’re all from Redondo Beach or Van Nuys.
  7. If you were to define one or two of the most crucial problems facing you, what are they and why?

    The population growth may be slowing, but the people are scattering further away from the center. There’s a risk involved here. Those in the center will be different from those away from the center. The mind does that separation without our control. Even though we know that our minds will cause us-and-them phenomena, it still happens. Without the proper social management, leadership, and constant shared values and awareness, we risk becoming divided. As a whole, we are powerful and a force against Mara and the duality of samsara. We have to stay together.
  8. What would a perfect world look like to you?

    Unfortunately, some people have already begun to forget the intention of our community. Liberation awaits, and Nirvana is how it looks.
  9. What needs to happen to get from the problems to the perfect world you defined?

    Well, that’s the five million dollar question, isn’t it? A King with the charisma and the right intention is the answer. So far, this hasn’t happened. Maybe a divine bodhisattva visit or the Buddha himself.
  10. If you weren’t a character in this story who would you be in real life?

    Trick question? I’m only kidding. I admire Kamal Harris so much. It would be my honor to be someone like her.
  11.  If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?

    My work in the community and with the King is critical and more important than words could explain. There should be an entire novel written about the experiences and the community outreach of Planet 444.
  12. What would you like to say to the reader?

    Thank you for reading these beautiful stories and giving us life. The other characters are so wonderful, and your interest in us is everything we exist to provide.
Interview with the celbrity
Shavarah Celebrity Interview