Passionate. That’s how I would sum up my feelings about Drrea. My interview with him left me elevated in both mood and mind. He’s got charisma and that sort of stage style that makes you want to hang out with him. Maybe even emulate him. He has that kind of cool, suave, smooth masculine personality and a diction that is unique and passionate. I hope you enjoy his answers as much as I.

  1. Who is your favorite band?
    Oh shit. Sorry. I wasn’t expecting that question at all. Something about soil and plant nutrition or the like was what I thought you were going to ask. This one is more personal. I’m a huge listener of hip hop and Backxwash, is top’n my charts. You’re likely thinking, of course, Drrea would pick a gay band.
  2. What’s your name?
    I’m Drrea. It’s pronounced, Dray. My family adopted the cultural norms of spelling names when living for six generations on the planet, Copetrrea. My family is number 35. We will have good friends here. It’s my family’s responsibility to uphold what that means. That means we teach everyone what good friends means, and we provide a lot of examples and advice to make everyone follow the intention of a good friend. Am I talking too much?
  3. How old are you?
    Age is sort of an odd concept you know there’s this space-time age based on physicality, and then there’s this biological age strain. Revolutions of Blue Origin around its star (the Sun) has always been the normal relationship on human-inhabited planets. By that standard, I’m twenty-three. Our planet has more density than Earth’s and that makes our bio age slow because of the lower gravitational potential. Which makes me about twelve.
  4. Are you gender-specific?
    Yes, sure. I’m all man.
  5. Are you related to anyone in the story?
    Yes. I’m married to Danip, he’s my husband and best friend. Marriage is a relationship on Planet 444. I think it still a relationship on most planets. Maybe not. Actually, I’m not sure bout dat.
  6. Where does your accent come from?
    Accent? What! I don’t have an accent. Everyone adopted Space X English since we left Blue Origin to explore space. There’s no accent. Well, wait. Vallena has a definite Hindu accent and the King has a distinct speech style. 
  7. If you were to define one or two of the most crucial problems facing you, what are they and why?
    Crucial crunch time to get some help from computer technology. Our work in soil conservation and plant nutritional value for a growing population on this land disadvantaged planet has reached the end of our human ability. Cyborgs wanted us to develop a social norm without technology-fueled greed and the destruction of natural resources that technology cause we all. But, we’ll starve to death in three hundred years if we can’t find solutions to the limited soil here.
  8. What would a perfect world look like to you?
    Sweet candied walnuts, baby! We all get out of this Samsara trap and back to the source. Nobody knows what it look like because it isn’t dis. But, that’s the goal. Kung fu, perfect.
  9. What needs to happen to get from the problems to the perfect world you defined?
    I’m really hoping that linking Mahá (The King) and Visákhá (The Queen) guiding our civilization to the intention of the Cyborg experiment, we will succeed. Everyone will have to do their part. Crucial this.
  10.  If you weren’t a character in this story who would you be in real life?
    Everyone tells me I look like Fred The Godson. I’m arighwit it. He was poppin. Yeah, I could be dat.
  11. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
    Hell no, you can’t ask a man that. Wow. So what I would change bout me is to lose some of the extra weight. It’s not healthy for my organs and frame to be this big. That’s all though. Just the weight.
  12. What would you like to say to the reader?
    Thanks, man! If it wasn’t for you readers, I would be able to exist at all. If you would do me just one favor, baby. Tell the author to write more about me and my husband. We got some drama for you all. You need my story, y’all!
Interview with the celbrity
Drrea Celebrity Interview